Should you be using crystals with your essential oils?

Crystals are a lot like essential oils in the way that they seem super hippy dippy, but when you try them, gain more knowledge, and gain from experience, you can reap the benefits both physically and mentally. We all know the Law of Conservation of Energy: it cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy can change forms, however. With crystals, their energy is a constant, a perfect balance that we as humans do not have.

Now, if crystals have healing properties and can balance our own energies, and essential oils also have healing properties, why not use them together? Like essential oils, different crystals have different properties and benefits, and when you find the crystal you need for yourself personally, you can match it with an oil that has the same benefits.

Below is a list of some popular Crystals and their healing properties:

  • Amethyst: A calming, meditative stone. It can help to provide calmness, balance, patience and peace. Emotionally, it can help with losses and grief.
  • Agate (Green Moss): Attracts abundance and prosperity. It is a stone to help you release fears and worries that may be holding you back from new beginnings.
  • Agate (Red): Blood agate is a healing rock related to the root chakra. Can help in grounding, releasing negative emotions, and help encourage self-confidence.
  • Aventurine (Green): Comforting stone that can help stimulate emotional recovery and give comfort. All around healer, it can also reduce anxiety and fears and balance overall.
  • Aventurine (Red): Stone of prosperity and success. Can stimulate creativity, imagination and mental clarity.
  • Citrine: Stone of joy, abundance and good fortune. Promotes and manifests success as well as generosity in that success. It can quell negative emotions while providing a better environment for awareness, spiritual growth and overall confidence.
  • Green Druzy: Stone of self-exploration and patience. It’s sometimes called the stone of fairy dust, and some believe it to have magical or mystical properties!
  • Howlite: A stone to help in wisdom, self-awareness and connecting to one’s higher self. Can help in releasing emotional pain as well as processing those emotions that go along with it.
  • Jasper: Jasper is for bringing beauty into all situations in life. Can bring peace, healing and enhance ability to make peace with difficult situations.
  • Labradorite: Stone of transformation, comfort in change, and bringing strength. It can help with insecurities and fears and calm an overactive mind.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Promotes self-confidence, truthfulness, and inner peace. Used to alleviate pain of migraines and other conditions as well as to meditate.
  • Obsidian: Protective stone, removes negativity. Grounding, protecting for panic attacks and abuse.
  • Pyrite: Known as fool’s gold, this stone protects the person from negative energy from others. Promotes health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Quartz: Similar to Copaiba in essential oils, this stone is known to amplify the qualities of other stones! Great for balance and strengthening body systems.
  • Rose Quartz: Stone for unconditional love and peace. This is the main stone for the heart chakra, bringing inner healing and self-love.