Green Beauty | What’s the Big Deal?

This is something I’ve been wanting to share about for a while, and finally decided it’s about time I get on board and take the leap.

Over the past year, y’all have gotten to see me on my youtube channel document my journey of ditching a lot of toxic products in my home, replacing them for natural products. My monthly Young Living hauls of essential oils, cleaning products, facial and body care, and so much more, have been some of my most engaged and popular videos I’ve posted.


So why haven’t I switched over my beauty? I, a huge makeup lover, as you can tell if you check out my makeup playlist, hadn’t put much thought into my makeup products until recently, being pregnant! Now I wonder about a lot of things going into my body and really have honed in on the fact that makeup literally absorbs into the skin, so why would I be putting harmful chemicals and toxins into my body through makeup if I have already cleared out my toxic cleaning products, perfumes, body washes, etc?

It’s time to make the change. Over the next few months here in the summer, I’m going to be posting weekly on decluttering my toxic makeup, wear-testing and reviewing clean, green makeup and skincare brands, and sharing my journey of switching my insanely large collection of makeup (I did a makeup collection back in December that you can watch here), and replacing those items with the newest in green beauty, giving y’all the latest content in the clean skincare and makeup world.

I actually posted my first Nontoxic makeup testing video with Pacifica Beauty, which you can watch here or down below. 


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