BLOGMAS DAY 1! | Introduction

Hi y’all! Wow… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m doing Blogmas! Not only that, but I decided to do Vlogmas AND Blogmas! If you don’t know what Blogmas is, I will be posting every single day from December 1 (today!) until Christmas Day! Check below for all the info!


Yep….You read that right. Not only have I committed to doing Vlogmas on my youtube channel (Click HERE to subscribe so you never miss a daily vlog!) and I’ll be vlogging daily in my Instagram stories as well (Click HERE to head over there!). My Vlogmas will have different posts from my blog, and my Youtube and Instagram will have different vlogging content, so be sure to follow/sub to all 3 places so you don’t miss anything!

Anyways, Blogmas. I’ll be posting one post every single day from today all the way to Christmas Day, pretty much all Holiday related whether it be makeup, yummy holiday recipes, gift guides, home decor, and more! Before we get fully immersed into 25 days of holiday fun, I wanted to simply introduce myself for my first post of Blogmas. I don’t think I’ve really done that since I started this blog!



I’m Becca, the girl behind As Pretty as a Peach. I’m in my senior year of college and I’m getting married in February of 2019 to my fiancé, who I live with in Georgia. We live in the cutest farmhouse with our winer dog Luke and our border collie Bailey (and of course, our cat Alice and 12 chickens). I’m a coffee addict, a lover of animals, beauty and fashion, and I have some major hobbies in cooking, baking, and buying tons of home decor and makeup!

I started this blog to be able to connect with other people like me, and soon after, I started my Youtube channel as well, where I talk about beauty, wellness, lifestyle, essential oils, and much more. Honestly, blogging and vlogging take up a ton of my time, but when I’m not working on these channels, I’m just spending time with the pups, cooking new recipes, and of course, finishing up college.




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