Lipstick Junkie August 2018 Unboxing

Ohhhhh….. Lipstick Junkie? This is a new box to me, which makes it even more exciting to be able to share with y’all! This is an $18 per month subscription box that sends you 3 full-sized lip products! You can find them HERE. 

Want to open this unboxing video in Youtube so you can subscribe for more unboxings? Click HERE. 



  • Kiss Me Honey Exfoliating Lip Polish in Strawberry: $15.99. This lip scrub smells and tastes delicious, but it’s to make sure those lips are exfoliated before those long days of wearing drying lipstick!
  • Sorme Cosmetics Metallics Lip & Eyeliner in Palladium: $14. This was interesting since I am not a metallic girl and would never wear silver on my lips, but I know this is probably exciting for some girls out there! I think it will be a great shade for the inner corner of the eye.
  • She Believes Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Rose Gold: $9.50. I was nervous since it has a shimmer to it, but this is actually a pigmented gloss that gives a really pretty look on the lips! You can see me try in on in the video.
  • BONUS ITEM: Sorme Cosmetics Tasty Tubes Lip Gloss: $15.  This gloss is much more of a sheer finish, which I definitely like when it’s going over a lipstick on when I’m going more natural. I love that this box was able to include a bonus item!

Box Price: $18

Product Value: $54.49

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