To Heal With It Unboxing | Holistic Subscription Box

Hey y’all! Today I have a new subscription box, which is a super exciting one for me! The To Heal With It subscription box is all about a holistic, healthy lifestyle. I get to give you guys a first look before it launches in October with a “Natural Beauty” themed box. I have the “Love Your Gut” box here to unbox, all about digestion, and Im so excited! 

The To Heal With It Box is a quarterly subscription that costs $44.99. It’s all about receiving healthy and holistic products and supplements to support the body’s natural healing and bring you into a better balance.

You can watch my unboxing below or click HERE to watch in Youtube!





  • Calm the Viking Tea from Luna Tea Co.: With chamomile, raspberry lead and ginger root, this tea is supposed to not only help with digestion, but with cramps! I’m definitely excited to give it a try and see if it does just that. A full bag from Luna Tea is listed as $8.
  • HyperBiotics Pro-15 Probiotics: $24.95. This is a thirty-day supply of probiotics, yay! I’m horrible about using a probiotic, so I’m definitely happy that I get a full month, which will tell me if I like it and want to continue purchasing it in the future.
  • Fat and Moon Digestive Bitters: $14. Use a few drops of this before a meal to help aid digestion! I think that’s an awesome item to try for the theme of this box, and it’s in a large enough bottle that it will last forever. 
  • Digestion Rollerbottle Blend: $16. With oils like peppermint, clove, ginger, fennel and oregano, these oils blend together to be amazing for digestion, upset stomach, cramps, and bloating! Roll in a clockwise motion over the stomach and watch it do wonders.




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