UNBOXING! | Spiritual Goodies Box!

Unboxingsssss! Yes, another one. I love these things. Aren’t they so interesting? And there are so many new types of boxes coming out all the time. This is another “spiritual” style unboxing, with items that are meant for meditation, self-care of the mind, and other fund stuff like that! This is the Spiritual Goodies box, which you can find HERE for $39.99. 

Watch the unboxing above or click HERE to open it in youtube!IMG_0286


  • Crown Chakra Bath Salt ($6.22): The first item is the Crown Chakra Bath Salt, which has quartz crystals in it! It says to use when you are in a relaxed, calm state and want to connect with your higher self! Just put into your bath and soak it up (smells like coconut!).
  • Crown Chakra Spray ($17.99): The Crown Chakra spray is supposed to be used during meditation to help open and expand the energy in your Crown Chakra!
  • IMG_0289
  • Tree of Free Spirit Journal; ($20): This journal is not only a beautiful design, but also a cloth cover, which is such a cool touch! Use the journal to document your thoughts and goals.
  • Two Palo Santo Sticks ($4 each): This is a holy wood used to get rid of bad energy and cleanse an area! Simply let the stick catch fire, then blow out and use the smoke to fill the space you want to cleanse. How cool!
  • IMG_0292
  • Quarts Crystal Necklace ($16): Save the best for last, right? This necklace is insanely cute, and you can see how it looks on me in my video above! Quartz is a healing stone that helps open up the mind and dispel negative energy. Not only that, but it’s almost a beautiful fashion piece. This is my favorite piece from the box for sure!


Okay, y’all what item did you think was the best?? Remember you can check out Spiritual Goodies HERE. 

Also, the product value for the box added up to a total of $68.21! For a $39.99 Indie box, that’s a pretty good product value compared to the box. I’m especially interested in the Palo Santo sticks and the Quartz necklace!



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