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Betterness Box Unboxing + Coupon Code! | Mindfulness Lifestyle Subscription Box

You can find Betterness Box HERE for $34.99 per month. Use the code  BECCAP5 to get $5 off your first box!

Want to open this video in Youtube instead? Click HERE. 

The Betterness Box



I was definitely excited for this one. I’m very into natural wellness and creating a more positive, mindful outlook on my own life. I think everyone can benefit from that and have a better perspective on everything.

Here’s some background on what they ask you to do upon receiving your box:

“After the package arrives we ask each customer (by way of the insert included) to take all products out of the box and replace it with their phone – preferably on airplane mode.  This helps the customer:

  • be mindful and present 
  • take a break from technology and take in the smell, touch and sight of the self-care products we’ve curated
  • focus on setting their Intention for the month and for the Challenge that we designed based on theme”

Alright, that being said, here’s the actual products received.



  • Chicago French Press Coffee: Retails for $12.99. This coffee smelled sooooo good for a coffee lover like me and I tried it the following morning after filming my unboxing and fell in love! Coffee is something I’ve never gotten in a box but it’s something so needed for me!
  • Affirmation Cards: There are 5 little affirmation cards to help you on your journey of being more mindful.
  • Girls Night In Game: They created a fun card game that is basically in the “Who’s Most Likely To” style to play on a night in with your friends!


  • Tea Drops GLOW Tea: $2. The tea definitely smelled good and it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have the ability to steep loose-leaf tea… because it mixes right in to your hot water! It sounds super cool and I’m excited to try some new tea before bed while I wind down!
  • Bonaco Candle: $5. It’s Coconut-Lavender scented, which I never knew I needed, but I totally needed it. It smells so incredible and I think it would be amazing on the bathtub during a bath!
  • Keratin Socks: $10.50. These are literally plastic socks to put on your feet the same way you put masks on your face. I neglect my feet, so this will be an interesting item to try for sure.
  • Pore Perfection Mask from Veise: $24. This is a powder mask that you mix with water and then it turns into the creamy mask. I’m definitely excited to see how it works on my skin since I have the biggest pores in the entire world.

Box Price: $34.99

Total Box Value: $54.49

What do you think of the Betterness box?


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