Murder, She Sent | Mystery Book Subscription Box


Alright, y’all. I have been searching around for all kinds of different unboxings I can throw atcha, and I love hanging up the themes! The video above will go through all the items in the Murder, She Sent Mystery Book Subscription Box (Click to 4:45!) or watch in on Youtube HERE, but I also have all items listed below for reference! The Murder, She Sent box is $35 a month and you can find it HERE.

Sometimes I just gotta feed the inner bookworm in me. I mean, I do have a ton of book reviews up on this website, so it’s no secret I’m a little nerdy and love a good book.  That being said, Murder, She Sent sends you a book each month that’s a mystery, but also themed to whatever the month is! My box was themed “Life’s a Beach”, so all the products were tailored toward reading a book while at the beach on summer vacation.

Items Received:

  • Death of a Bachelorette by Laura Levine. This is a Jane Austen mystery, which is a series of books that are super popular and well known! I actually haven’t read any of Laura Levine’s books, but considering I’m currently on the road to my wedding, I’m excited to read a book that has to do with bachelorettes.
  • Laura Levine Wristband. This is probably just a little extra item, as I’m not a wristband wearer and it doesn’t necessarily
  • Crocheted Beach bag. This isn’t my general style per se, but these actually have gotten super popular on Instagram in recent times, so it’s just a cute and simple bag to carry your book and other items to the beach in!
  • Seahorse Coaster. I think this is meant to go with the theme (it’s a seahorse, duh) because you want to grab a drink and sit by the pool while reading your book!
  • Air Plant. I actually really like this because it’s real! I was definitely surprised it wasn’t fake, but it’s literally one of those little air plants you don’t really have to water much and it’s in a sea urchin planter. I think this will be a cute addition to my desk in the office!
  • Turkish Linen Towel. Can’t lie, I wasn’t as sure on this item. It’s pretty, but I’m not entirely sure what it’s used for. I’d put it in my kitchen and it would make a gorgeous hand towel, but I don’t think it goes with the theme of the book box then!
  • Monster Beach Ball. I was confused on this item, as you can see in the video. The only thing with subscription boxes is sometimes you get little items that you know you will never touch, and that kinda sucks a little bit because I hate just throwing things away!

What did you think of this box? I love book subscriptions for sure, but what items did you think were cool and what items were a no?

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