Tulle La La Unboxing and Review! | Bridal Subscription Box



Ohhhhh, yes. Time for another bridal subscription box unboxing and review! In case you missed the memo, I’m getting married, and until then, I’m going to give a try to a ton of different bridal subscriptions just because, why not? Tulle La La was next on the list. Let’s see how it stacks up. 

Want to Watch Tulle La La battle it out against The Ring Box? HERE’S my video!

Tulle La La costs $47 a month… and after the taxes and shipping and all…. It was $57! That’s an insane price, so lets see how the products compare. While I don’t have the exact prices on these products, I can give some similar prices from similar products I can find!





  • Miss to Mrs Notebook: This is a super cute white notebook with silver glitter! I think it’s super cute saying “Miss to Mrs” and being someone who flies through notebooks, I’m definitely excited to use it. While they don’t give me the price, I received a similar notebook that retailed for $16, so I doubt this is worth more than that.
  • Diamond Pen: I’ve received these in every bridal box I’ve opened so far! Probably because they’re only about $3 in retail value. I think it’s cute though and love the rose gold coloring to it to go with the notebook!





  • Diamond Drink Floatie: I found these on Etsy for $8 a piece. I think it’s definitely different and more original to have something like this. I’m not sure how well it will work, but I’ll definitely try to float my drink around in the pool with this!
  • Strawberry Champagne Candle from Fern: Okay, so ironically, they’re sold out on Etsy so I couldn’t find this candle’s price, either. However, their wax melts are $6, so I’d say they probably sell this candle for closer to $20 since it has so much more product. It’s a 4 oz candle and it smells pretty delicious.
  • Jewelry Dish: This is really cute! Although I’ve already gotten jewelry dishes, I like this one the best because it had a lid! It’s a super cute place to put my ring if I’m going swimming or to the gym and I can place the lid over top so I don’t need to worry as much! While there’s no price on it, I’d guess it would be at least $10 if not up to $20.

Alright…. so the review… One BIG thing is I wish that they included a card with the brands and retail values for the products, because it made me have to play a guessing game! While the value of the box may have been over the $57 I spent, I don’t think that value was enough or good enough products for the price. I unboxed a $35 dollar box that had more products and they were honestly better products. I think the candle is nice, although I’ll probably gift it to someone else. I like the notebook, but it’s not worth the price of the box, and I will actually use the jewelry dish. While the products themselves were pretty cool, I couldn’t imagine paying over $35 for this box, not $57.


Needless to say, I won’t be giving this one another try any time soon. I feel like I wasted a chunk of change on Tulle La La.




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