The Ring Box Unboxing and Review!

The Ring Box was something I was really excited to try out when I started researching Bridal Subscriptions to unbox on my wedding journey! It costs $39.95 on a month to month basis, but you can also save some money by buying longer subscriptions up front. You can check them out HERE. 

Want to Watch the Ring Box battle it out against Tulle La La? HERE is my video!



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As you can see in the slideshow above, the first thing you actually see are two different recipe cards! These are just a fun add-on and I think it’s a great idea to include recipes for a date night!


  • Bath Bomb: From Lizush, $3. All natural, non-GMO and packed with essential oils.



  • Handmade Hair Ties: They say Bride in gold foil, which is really cute. These hair ties retail for $3 and they’re meant to not give indentions when you put your hair up!
  • Bride to Be Cake Topper: This is perfect for a bridal shower! The glittery gold cake topper retails for $11.



  • Bride and Groom Chair Signs: Perfect for the wedding day! These signs are from Paper and Pine Co. and they retail for $38.
  • Wifey Hat: $14.99 from the brand Mush Mode. It’ll be a while until I can wear it, but I love that it’s something different!

Overall Product Value: $70

Box Price: $40 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m really happy with this box! It’s well put together and I like every item. I will say that $70 for the product value is pushing it, as the bride and groom signs should not be valued at $38 in my opinion when I Target sells them for $3. That being said, I still think the products are awesome and would love to grab another one of these before my wedding day!

Will you be grabbing a Ring Box?



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