One Brand Makeup Tutorial | Too Faced Cosmetics

Alright, y’all. I was organizing (or trying to organize, at least) my makeup collection the other day and was seeing a trend on certain brands that I own a ton of products from. So, I decided I wanted to create a makeup look using only products from a single brand. And that brand, today, is Too Faced!

You can check out the full video HERE on my channel or click below if you want to see the actual process of creating the look!





Too Faced Products Used:

  • Primer: Peachy Matte Cooling Primer
  • Foundation: Peachy Matte Foundation
  • Concealer: Born This Way Sculpting Concealer (New One)
  • Setting Powder: Peach
  • Bronzer: Chocolate Soleil in Deep
  • Blush: Peachy Blush from the Peachy Glow palette
  • Highlight: Highlight from the Peachy Glow Palette
  • Eyes: Mix of Natural Love, Peanut Butter & Jelly, and Sweet Peach Palettes (watch video for all eyeshadows)
  • Eyeliner: Black Sketch Marker
  • Mascara: Better Than Sex
  • Lipstick: Sex on the Peach
  • Eyelashes: Violet Voss “Sexy and Eye Know It” (TF doesn’t make false lashes)




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