Whimsy & Wellness Crystal Haul | Becca Price

Yay! I’m so excited to have my first Whimy and Wellness haul! They’re a super popular shop that a lot of Young Living ladies order from on Etsy. After hearing about the Crystal rollers and roller bottles for weeks, I decided to grab a few items to try out during their sale they just had! Check below to see what I picked up! Grab yours HERE. 

The Rollerbottles

  • Amazonite: ($12) This stone is for courage and truth and to dispel negative energy, worry and fear!
  • Tangerine Quarts: ($14) This stone may help you let go of the past, provide emotional grounding, and boost creative energy!
  • Peridot: ($12) May help in overcoming fears, help to manifest abundance in life.
  • Chrysocolla: ($11) A communication and teaching stone, may encourage compassion, peace and forgiveness.


The Rollerballs

  • Amethyst: ($8) Overall protective and balancing stone.
  • White Howlite: ($8) A wonder stone that helps calm upset state of mind and emotions.
  • Aventurine: ($8) Safety, inner harmony, protector of the heart chakra.


Learn more about crystals or purchase some at http://www.Whimsyandwellness.com!


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