Miss To Mrs Bridal Subscription Box | Unboxing & Review!



I’m so excited for this post. Subscription boxes are such a popular item to get now, and there are quite a few fun bridal subscription boxes out there! And of course, I knew I had to try as many of them as possible over the next few months as I plan my wedding! If you haven’t seen my last subscription unboxing of the At Last Bridal Box, click HERE. 


The Miss to Mrs Bridal box will cost you $39.95 for a monthly membership, but there are also some deals when you buy memberships that are for 3, 6, or 8 months! I want to make note that everything is branded Miss To Mrs, so I cannot give you exact prices on the items, but we can still definitely tell if the value of the box is worth more than the price paid!

Click HERE to visit Miss To Mrs Box website



Aren’t these adorable? The box came with two different advice sheets for you to keep, one that explains some duties of the maid of honor, and one that gives some fun hacks while planning your wedding. They’re cute and on glossy, thick paper so you actually want to keep them.

Now…Lets get to the items!




1. Checklist Notepad. I’m a constant note taker and I like to plan everything. I like to make a checklist of what I need to complete in a day or week, so this is perfect, especially when working on wedding planning. You can write down who you need to contact that week, meetings you might have with vendors, etc, etc. It looks like it’s probably a 100-sheet pad and the design is cute as well.

2. Two Diamond Pens. These pens are nice and heavy, showing me that they’re good quality! They’re twistable ones and they have big diamonds on the top to fit the wedding theme and to go perfectly with the notebook!


3. Love Balloon. I actually really wanted one of these for my engagement party, so I’m excited to have one! I’ve seen similar ones, but smaller, at Target for $5, so I’m going to guess this value is closer to $10.

4. Paper Clips. These paper clips are probably to go with the notebook and pens. I like that the pack have a decent amount of them and that there are different shapes. It’s a cute little item to add in.


5. Diamond-Shape Necklace! This is my favorite item for the box, I think! It’s a congratulatory 18k gold necklace in the shape of a little diamond! I think it’s adorable, good quality, and looks dainty but not cheap when you wear it!

6. Jewelry Wipes. This is a close second favorite for this box for sure! There are 10 individually-packaged wipes for cleaning that new engagement ring! I’ll throw a few in my purse for on the go polishing.

7. Tumbler Cup. The last item is a pretty floral cup with a lid and straw. I basically collect cups like this, so it’s a great addition to have.

Overall, I think this box was awesome. The value of the products definitely exceeds the $39 price of the box, and everything was cohesive. Not only did the products go together (notebook, paper clips and pen, necklace and wipes), but they also all matched a pinky, floral theme. I think the presentation and cohesiveness is a huge part, so Miss to Mrs. knocked me out of the park with this box.

Will you be grabbing it?



This box was sent to me from Miss to Mrs in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.





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