Top Oils to Keep The Bugs Away This Summer!

Lets be honest, we all hate bugs at the end of the day. We hate being itchy and we definitely do not enjoy being full of red bumps. Especially if you’re in the south like I am, you probably have some major issues in the summer whenever you go outside. Check below for my top oils to help keep the bugs at bay this summer and don’t forget to check back next week for my DIY Bug Spray recipe!

Alright, first off, why use essential oils? We have candles and torches and bug sprays at the store. However, have you ever thought of the chemicals and carcinogens in those items? When you’re burning a torch or candle, that’s the equivalent of secondhand smoke, and you probably burn them all night on long summer nights spent outdoors! Bug sprays have all sorts of added ingredients that you don’t want sinking into your skin.

So what can you do? Grab a diffuser instead of a tiki torch! Make your own bug spray with essential oils that are perfectly safe to put on your body without any harmful chemicals being absorbed, too!

Be sure to check the side bars for any coupons I have toward the brands I use- Young Living, Plant Therapy, and Simply Earth! Young Living is my top company for oils that I trust the most when going on or in my body. Simply Earth offers DIY recipe boxes with essential oils, and Plant Therapy has some amazing accessories and storage options!

1. Citronella This citronella oil smells ten times better than any citronella candle I’ve owned, and it does an amazing job. I diffuse it and use it in my DIY bug spray in the hight concentration and then add some of the other oils listed below. Out of any oil, citronella is your best friend. I encourage everyone to look up the other benefits of citronella, because this oil actually have a lot of other amazing properties besides deterring bugs!

2. Lemongrass. I love lemongrass. This is another oil that has a multitude of amazing benefits, but one great thing that trumps all (in my opinion, of course) is the fact that it deters mosquitos and smells amazing at the same time! Lemon oil works as well, but I find lemongrass to be the best of the citrus oils for keeping the bug bite count at a minimum. 

3. Lavender. Oh, Lavender. The queen of oils (Frankincense is definitely reigning king, though). Lavender is the coconut oil of essential oils, meaning that it literally does just about anything. Seriously, look up the benefits. I’ll probably do a full post on Lavender at some point, it’s so amazing. Lavender is a great oil to help keep bugs away, and it can help keep the scent better when the citronella or tea tree get to be a little too much! 

4. Tea Tree. Everyone knows tea tree is an amazing skin oil, and I totally agree with that. However, it also can help keep bugs away! I love the smell of tea tree, which is super fresh. Mix it up with lemongrass and citronella and you have such a nice and fresh citrus scent that keeps mosquitos away!

5. Peppermint. Peppermint has some amazing digestive benefits, and can also help with things like headaches or nausea. Personally, I love it when I’m running and need a pick me up to breathe again! Keep away spiders, mosquitos and other unwanted bugs by adding this in to your blend, and it also can help if you don’t like the scent of the other oils, overpowering them!


6. Cedarwood. Cedarwood is actually known to be poisonous to fleas and ticks, so this is good to add in a safe dilution to spray on your dogs when they’re outside in the summer, but also would be great to add into a bug spray for the kids when they’re out in the woods playing or camping out! 



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