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DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Box! | Easy & Cheap

Oh… yes. It’s a new thing now to give your bridesmaids, and really anyone in your wedding party, a little gift when you ask them to join you for your wedding. The very first thing I did when I got engaged was start putting together bridesmaid boxes, each one a little different for each person. Today I’m bringing you the items that went inside my proposal boxes so you can put together some of your own as well! Check the video above to watch me go through the items!



1. Wine Labels. I saw THESE cute wine labels on amazon and could NOT keep myself from grabbing them! I bought bottles of pink moscato because the color matches my wedding color scheme. Then I popped the labels on the wine bottles!



2. Knot Earrings These were a find at Hobby Lobby and I love them! I figured they’d be cool to wear on the wedding day so all the bridesmaids match and they’re super cute for a wedding theme!

3. Monogrammed Wine Glass I actually wasn’t sure where to find monogrammed wine glasses, so I bought monogram stickers from Hobby Lobby and wine glasses from Target and popped them on myself!


4. Bridesmaid Makeup Bag. Another Hobby Lobby find…. They have Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, and Bride makeup bags for an amazing price, so it’s a perfect item for the ladies to bring their makeup or others items in on the wedding day!



5. Handwritten Note In my opinion, this was the most important addition. Include a note to tell her why you want her to be your bridesmaid and why you want her there on your wedding day and there for the planning process.

6. Mint To Be Mints! I loved these! They were from Hobby Lobby for somewhere around a dollar each and I think they were meant to be wedding favors. I found them to be the perfect little item to include in a proposal box since they say “Mint to Be”.

Extra Variations: I included some variation items like bath bombs and essential oils!



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