Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding


1. Don’t do Saturday! It’s getting more and more common to have weddings on Sundays. If you’re having a smaller wedding or a wedding earlier in the day, definitely consider if doing a Friday or Sunday will work better for you and you will cut down on the venue’s rental fee!

2. Get married in the off season! If you don’t care about having your wedding in a month like September, then go for the off season where venues aren’t busy. They almost always charge less and you can still have a beautiful wedding!

3. Having everything at one venue. Instead of going from the ceremony to the reception, have them both at one venue and have one rental fee rather than two. 

4. Use your own vendors! Some venues require you to use their preferred vendors, but if you can, use your own so you can find the deals you want!

5. Serve Chicken! If it doesn’t matter to you what meats you have, chicken and fish are the cheaper options. 

6. Keep alcohol choices limited! Rather than having everything under the sun, decide on one or two options for each type of alcohol and only serve those. You’ll likely get charged per bottle and you won’t have tons of half-full empty bottles if you limit the options! 



  1. This was so interesting! I am on my way to plan a wedding amd this post is exactly what I needed to read! Thank you! ❤


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