10 Questions to Ask your Wedding Venue BEFORE You Book It | I Do Diaries


  1. Is my Date Available? Duh, this is the most important part. Don’t go falling in love with a venue if you can’t get your date or anywhere near your date!
  2. How many people can the venue TRULY hold, sitting down? Some venues may tell you that you can have 200 people, but they only hold 100 sitting down. You want to know how many you can fit into seats, because everyone needs a seat option if you’re doing a dinner!
  3. Booking fee and ALL things that are included in it. Do they clean up or set up? Do you get linens, plates, tables, chairs, etc? Know all of the items that are included in your venue booking fee.
  4. How many hours do I get the venue and what are additional hour costs? Some venues require you to be gone at a certain time. However, some also have an additional fee for extra hours. Know if that is an option you have and how much that costs!
  5. How many cars the parking lot can hold and is there a lot nearby you can rent if needed? Each couple or family you invite has a car. Check and see how many cars can fit in the parking lot of the venue. Sometimes if the venue has a small lot, they may know a place nearby that you can use or rent for extra space.
  6. Is there a backup plan for rain (if the ceremony is outdoor)? You definitely want a back up plan in case of rain. Are there tents or is there an indoor area?
  7. When is the final fee due and what is the cancellation policy? Hey, if there’s no backup plan and it’s gonna rain, you might want to cancel last minute and book a Church so you can be inside. Who knows? You want to know what the cancellation policy is, if you get any deposit back, and if the final fee is due on the wedding day.
  8. Ask for samples of anything that is provided in the booking fee! If they include things like linens and plates or tables and chairs, ask to see them! If they don’t fit your style, you’ll want to budget those items back into your spending.
  9. Can I use my own vendors? It’s usually going to be cheaper to book your own vendors. Some venues only let you use their preferred ones, so you’d want to know those costs and if those vendors fit your style! If you can use your own, you’ll have a lot more freedom.
  10. Is there a place for the bride and groom to get ready? This will be good to know so you can plan ahead! Can you get ready there in a bridal suite? Or do you need to get ready at home or your hotel and come to the venue fully ready?




  1. Asking about the date seems like a no brainer, but when we went to book our venue we just assumed they had our date available or they wouldn’t have agreed to show us the space. Turns out we sat through the whole pitch, tour, etc. all before finding out, they had never even checked our date before scheduling our showing. Had to start from scratch at a new venue! Always ask first! Absolutely agree!


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