At Last Bridal Box Unboxing and Review!


How exciting, my first bridal subscription box before the wedding! If you’re not familiar with sub boxes, they’re basically surprise boxes you can sign up for. Bridal ones are new and getting more popular, so I knew I wanted to review some over the next few months as I prepare for my wedding! Check down below for what I got and how the money stacks  up!


Now, At Last Bridal box is a new subscription box that curates the items to where you are in the planning process! Since I got my box around 9 months before my wedding, I items are tailored to being more in the beginning of the planning process. Your items will totally depend on how far out you are from your wedding!

Looking to get one for yourself? OR looking to grab one for your engaged friend? These are such cool gifts to give to upcoming brides. At Last Bridal box can be bought on a monthly basis or on a longer term subscription. Monthly is $35, while you can get some deals if you buy 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions HERE. 





  • Bride to Be Pencil: I actually thought this was adorable. Since my box was curated for planning a wedding from the beginning stages, I got a white pencil that has little wedding bells on the top. In gold foil, we have Bride to Be written on it. The price of on pencil would be around 50 cents.
  • Cupcake Eraser: To go with the pencil, of course, is a cupcake eraser. One eraser would be in the 62 cent range. There’s not much to say on that item, but it’s cute.
  • Floral notebook: I love this notebook! It’s the perfect style for me as someone super girly, so I think it’s adorable. It’s lined and has an attached tassel for a bookmark. I’m a writer, planner, and notebook person, so this was my favorite item! It’s branded Event Blossom and retails for $17.50


  • Champagne Flute: I actually don’t own a single champagne flute, but considering all the toasts we should be making leading up to our wedding, it’s definitely not bad to have! We actually have our engagement party coming up, so maybe I can try it them. It’s a plain clear glass with gold around the top. It retails for $16.
  • Jewelry Dish: I actually don’t have a good place to put my ring when I’m not wearing it, like when I’m at the gym or at the lake or something. This dish can totally hold other jewelry, but it’ll be a nice place to store my ring whenever I’m not wearing it! It also is from Event Blossom and retails for $16.

Alright, so in total, the value of the box totals up to about $50.62. For the $35 price, do you think that’s worth it? Overall, I like the items I got because they will be useful outside of just my wedding! I always want the product value to be over the price of the box, so that’s always good! What are your thoughts? Will you be picking one up?

Get At Last Bridal Box HERE.




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