5 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid!

Most brides can look back on their wedding planning and see a few mistakes they could have avoided. Today, I’m bringing y’all 5 mistakes to avoid early on in your planning process. Let me know if you like these posts, because I’d love to make more as I go through my wedding planning process. These mistakes are for the bride who’s just starting her planning and needs help on the direction NOT to go!


People skip out on these so easily…but get them! You will not regret it. We’re using our engagement photos to send with our save the dates, we’re using them in our home, and we’re using them at our wedding and engagement party! Seriously, spend the money and get an amazing photographer who will give you photos you’ll remember forever. Anyways, most photographers either do a free or cheaper engagement session if you also book them for your wedding!


2. Don’t Book your venue before you have an invite list!

It’s so easy to do this because the first thing you want to do is book the venue before your date is taken by someone else! However, it’s hard if you get a venue that can only hold 100 people and then you end up inviting distant family, plus ones and all the random people you didn’t think of ahead of time! You don’t want to be overcrowded and make anyone uncomfortable, some venues simply don’t have wiggle room above their capacity!


3. Don’t book family and friends just to be cheap

It can seem really nice to get a deal by using your aunt’s venue or your best friend’s catering service. However, think of the big picture. Sometimes you don’t want to do business with family or friends if it will affect the quality of your wedding or your relationship with them. What if you want your cake a specific way and in the end, your grandma simply can’t get it right? Save the drama and book a vendor as a business decision.


4. Don’t get pressured with your bridal party

I know so many girls who are gonna have 25 bridesmaids because they have lots of friends and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s not your friends, your parents, or anyone else’s place to pressure you into who is a bridesmaid! This is 100% your choice and you can always let people help out in other ways like reading a bible verse during the service, making a toast, or ushering in family members at the ceremony!


5. Know the budget!

Seriously, have a general budget BEFORE you book anything. This way, you’ll be smarter on how much you spend. We booked our photographer before we knew our budget. Totally spent more than we should have, so sometimes that means you’ll have to take money away from a different category if your budget isn’t flexible!



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