Your Natural Wellness Journey | The Basics on Essential Oils

For many of us, it’s time to start living a naturally healthy life. Everything is filled with chemicals and GMO’s nowadays, but there are still ways to naturally increase so many aspects of your life on your wellness journey. Today is a basic crash course on…What exactly are essential oils?

oils 2

What is an essential oil? Honestly, I didn’t truly know until I began my research. Essential oils are actually the oils derived from plants during a distillation process. Now, be careful with your oil purchases. Most place where you find oils for extremely cheap prices like I used to will contain contaminants, cheap fillers, and synthetic products that aren’t allowing you to actually benefits from the oil.

Learn more about buying pure essential oils HERE. 

What can I use them for?

Essential oils are amazing to diffuse, but that’s not their only purpose! Thieves, one of the favorite oils basically ever, is amazing in household cleaners for the antibacterial properties! It’s also great to rub on places like behind your ears or on the soles of your feet or to spray on shopping carts. It’s an immune booster and I seriously, as previously the sickliest girl ever, went through a full flu season without getting sick due to carrying my thieves rollerball with me everywhere!

oils 3

There are many other oils to use on your body. Panaway is one of the oils that comes in your Young Living start kit (linked above to learn more), and using it as a rollerball on anywhere that aches is literally amazing. Digize is a similar oil in the way that it can be put on the body, but also can be digested, to help with tummy problems. Tea tree is great to dry out acne and some oils actually work best mixed in to moisturizer or face wash to naturally give you a glow their their antiseptic properties!

Not only can oils be placed on the body, but they can be consumed. With Young Living, the vitality blends (which are cheaper!!!) are actually the same exact oils as the regular singles, but they’re FDA approved and labeled for consumption. You can use lemon oil to flavor water without the sugar, you can use peppermint for your breath, and you use oils like fennel and rosemary for recipes. Frankincense is great for anyone with breathing issues.

Anyways, now y’all should know the three basic uses for essential oils:

  • Aromatic
  • Topical
  • Internal

Let me know if y’all would like to see a post on exactly what to do with different oils! There are so many benefits and ways to use them.




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