#AuthorSpotlight: Philippa Gregory

When reading and reviewing books, it’s easy to forget about the person behind the novel. I think it’s important to share information on famous, bestselling, and up and coming authors. For the first installment of my #AuthorSpotlight series, I wanted to shed some light on one of my favorite authors of all time, Philippa Gregory.

Philippa Gregory has been publishing since 1987. She specializes in historical fiction novels. Her novels easily have a way of making you enjoy reading a dramatized historical novel, which may usually sound pretty boring. I’ve read a large range of her novels, enjoying the Tudors series more than I thought I would. Her novels mainly revolve around the royal families of England and their personal lives, loves, and losses.

With Gregory’s novels, many historians question the accuracy at times. While it is impossible to truly know everything about a person during these times due to lack of records, Gregory has tried to stick to history as much as possible. However, for history buffs, not everything is perfect with her storytelling on a factual standpoint.

Philippa Gregory tells captivating stories in the women’s point of view from a time where women weren’t expected to have a voice. Whether or not the history is perfect, the novels tell beautiful stories of royal queens and princesses and the hardships they had to deal with. I highly recommend reading one of Gregory’s books.



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