Boxycharm October Unboxing | Over $100 Value?!

It’s no secret that Boxycharm has been stepping up their game for months now. Again and again, we get surprised with full sized eyeshadow palettes, expensive face scrubs, and other awesome products, all for $20 a month. I’ll go ahead and spoil the ending…It’s a pretty good box. The value is amazing and even if every product wasn’t for me, I definitely think Boxycharm is killing it.

This month’s theme is Spellbound, which is perfect for my October aesthetic. Check out the items I received below and let me know if you’ll be picking this up next month. Did you get the same products as me?


IMG_0376 (1).jpg

  • Dr. Brandt Pore Dermabrasion Scrub. This product retails for $58 and it’s a full sized product! I received the other scrub a few months back from Boxycharm as well and I really like that they’re including this brand again in a box. Not only is it an amazing value, but the product lasts forever. You use a pea-sized amount every three days or so and this scrub is meant to help keep pores at bay. Since that’s an issue I definitely have, I’m excited to have this scrub. I know I’d never pay $58 for it in store!
  • Tarte Matte Lip Paint in Delish. The Tarte lip paints retail for $20, so that’s already the cost of the box right there. I got the shade Delish, which I’m actually excited for (Check for swatches a the end of the post). It’s a beautiful terra-cotta-slash-burnt-orange color and I think it compliments my skin tone really well for October. I was scared I’d get a color that wouldn’t work for me, so I got lucky!
  • Becca Highlighter in Prosecco Pop. For most people, this was the star of the show. Becca highlighters retail for $38, which is insane to me. To save money, I bought both the Jaclyn Hill and the Chrissy Teigen palettes, and honestly, I don’t reach for either of them on an every day basis. Knowing that, I just can’t spend $38 on a single highlighter. Since I have the Jaclyn Hill palette, I already own Prosecco Pop, but this is an awesome full-sized product to receive. I think this highlighter is gorgeous and way under-rated compare to Champagne Pop (Check for the swatch at the end of the post). They last forever and the gold shade can compliment many skin tones.
  • Jonteblu Lip Liner. This product is only $5, but I think it was put in the box to go with the Tarte lip paint. However, the shade I got is way darker than my lip paint and changes the color too much for me. If I go for a darker lip, I can use this. However, I would have preferred a nude personally.
  •  NCLA “Nailed It” Kit. This is said to have a $18 value, and I’m sure some people out there would like it. For me, when I subscribe to a beauty box, I don’t really want any nail stuff unless it’s nail polish. I’ll throw this in my purse and use the nail clippers, but I’ll probably never get use out of the other pieces. Seems like a filler item since the other products had such high values.
  • Total Value of the Box: About $131

Overall, I’d say this was a good box. I wish there was a palette, but I know that can’t happen every single month. I think the scrub and the Tarte lip paint are the stars for me, but if I didn’t already have the Becca highlighter, that would be 3/5 items I LOVE! Will you be picking up Boxycharm next month? What products did you get this month? Let me know below!

SWATCHES: Delish Lipstick and Prosecco Pop Highlighter


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