Boxycharm November Spoilers! | Luxie, Cover FX, Tarte, and More

It’s so hard to wait and see what will come inside beauty subscription boxes. Boxycharm is definitely not an exception, especially since they have been killing the makeup game with what they’ve been sending out. Full sized palettes, highlighters, lipsticks…You name it. Boxycharm is a $20 per month subscription that sends 4-5 full sized beauty products each month. Also, keep an eye out for my October Unboxing coming tomorrow!

Wanna know some spoilers for next month’s box? Read below. 

Now, we don’t know the theme yet for the box, but knowing some products can let us have some fun making guesses! Below are some confirmed and rumored items that will be inside next month’s box. If you’re not already subscribed, this should help you make that decision on if Boxycharm will be right for you.


Luxie Quad Eye Travel Set. @Boxycharm_Monthly spoiled this one for us. Luxie has some awesome brushes and getting four of them will definitely up the value of the box. Their brushes aren’t cheap, so getting a set of four will be awesome. Most of my Luxie brushes have come from beauty boxes and I LOVE them!

Winky Luxe Kitten Palette. This palette has a value of $25, which is pretty decent. I can’t say much since I don’t know the brand, but it will be fun to test the shadows and see how they are!


Cover FX setting spray, #31. This is a confirmed spoiler and if you’re not a fan of spending a ton of money on sprays, this is a great way to get one!22427579_361159704333038_1274306858168877056_n

Tarteist Mascara, $23. This one isn’t confirmed, but it’s a rumored spoiler. My guess is that it may be apart of a variation where some people get it and some people don’t. 

What do you think so far? Theme ideas? Check back soon for spoilers for some of your other favorite boxes!

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