Sephora Play October Unboxing

Long time, no see. Life’s been hectic between moving houses, school, and just everything else in life. But I’m back and kicking off some blog posts with my Sephora Play Unboxing for October! Now, Sephora Play has honestly been disappointing me a bit lately, but October is one of the best months of the year, so my expectations were high. Sephora Play is a monthly subscription where you can try 4-5 sample products from Sephora each month. It’s $10.70 per month. Check below to see what I received! 

IMG_0373 (1).JPG

Alright, so the theme this month is “Public display of complexion”. Cute, right? It’s focused on products that help your complexion and they actually sent a cute sheet with tips to keep your complexion nice, even on busy mornings.

Some of those tips include:

  • Drink some coffee and start your day with an upbeat playlist
  • Wash your face… It can get dirty throughout the night!
  • Moisturize!
  • Prime your skin to keep your foundation from melting away.
  • Work your foundation from your T-zone outwards.
  • Set that skin with a good setting spray for your skin type!
  • If you have a cat, definitely feed it before you run out the door (haha).
  • Get some mascara or perfume and go about your busy day!

Those were some cute tips, but we’re all here for the makeup obviously. Check below to see what I got and let me know what you got! Will you be picking up this month’s bag?

  • Seize the Spray- Urban Decay Quick Fix Priming Spray. The full size retails for $32, and honestly, this sample spray will get me through quite a few days before it runs out! It’s perfect to throw in your bag to freshen up makeup as well. Urban Decay is known to have the best sprays, so this is a great product to try if you’re not sure about spending $32 on water just yet (Trust me, I understand).
  • Got You Covered- Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation in shade Y335. Y’all!!! I am so excited for this. I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for quite some time, but since I’m pretty sure it costs $43, I’ve basically put it on my Christmas list every year and then taken it off for something else. This is a classic foundation that’s been popular for the longest time, so I’m excited to get at least 1-2 tries from my sample. It’s also almost the right shade (just one shade too dark), so I’ll be able to tell if I like it. It also comes in 40 shades!
  • The Real Conceal- IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Concealer. The full size of this is $24 and let’s be honest, IT Cosmetics has amazing products, but they’re mostly all super expensive. I think this is a great product to try, especially for someone who wants full coverage without being too matte. Tip: A little goes a REALLY long way.
  • Catch Some C’s- Sunday Riley CEO Rapid Flash Brightening Serum. Now, I’m not one who loves serums as samples because it takes me a lot of testing to know if I love a product. However, this product retails for $85 at Sephora, so they’re definitely giving out a luxury item for us to try. It contains Vitamin C to correct dark spots and has a citrus scent, which is super fresh.
  • Best Cleanse Ever- Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water. This product is only $12 at Sephora, so it’s not super expensive, but the sample is a good enough size to get a lot of use out of, especially if you travel or go on weekend trips! It’s a micellar cleansing water to take off makeup. I’ve always been a lover of makeup wipes, but micellar waters really are nice and get off a lot more product, especially if that’s the only thing you’re using to get your makeup off.

Although I totally wanted a burnt orange lipstick for the October bag, I can definitely say that this one has been the best one for me in a while. Will you be grabbing one?




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