New Colourpop Spring Swatches & Makeup Look


Alright, so as much as I have absolutely LOVED Colourpop for quite some time, it’s been a while since I’ve binged and bought a ton of their insanely well-priced products. I couldn’t help myself since Spring Break is basically here, so I bit the bullet and bought a ton of their new Spring products! Check out the tropical, Spring Break makeup look I did below, as well as swatches of all the new products I bought!


For the look I created, I used Colourpop’s new Blow Me Away eyeshadow palette. I used Issues, a pastel peach, as a base, then used Centerfold, a bright coral, in my crease. Then I went in with Slim Fit, a red coral, in the outer V and on my lower lash line, then used Take a Break, a golden-peach, all over the lid and into the inner corners. I also used the Topaz face palette, using Golden Moment, a warm pearlized bronze, and She’s Here To Stay as a highlighter and under my brows. On my lips I used Aquarius ultra satin lip and then the Aquarius lip gloss.


Swatches from Top to Bottom:

Golden Moment Bronzer (Topaz Palette)

She’s Here to Stay Highlighter (Topaz Palette)

Slim Fit (Blow Me Away)

Centerfold (Blow Me Away)

Issues (Blow Me Away)

Take a Break (Blow Me Away)

Lip Swatches from Top to Bottom:

Bare Necessities (Satin Lip)

Strut (Satin Lip)

Aquarius (Satin Lip)

Aquarius (Glossy Lip)

Faded (Creamy Lip)

Deja Vu (Blotted Lip)

Lexi (Blotted Lip)

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