Valentine’s Day Makeup | ABH Modern Renaissance





Since I was going for a pretty pinky look, I decided to go into my Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastasia to create this look.

  • I started out putting Golden Ochre all over my lids and up to my brow for a base and transition color.
  • I went in with Buon Fresco in the crease to create a lavender-like transition for my pink shades.
  • I also put in some Raw Sienna toward the outer corner of my crease.
  • I went in with Love Letter all over the outer corner and worked it into the crease to deepen in to a berry color.
  • I put Venetian Red over top of love letter to make it more opaque and give it a little bit of shimmer on my lid.
  • After wetting my brush with some setting spray, I went into Vermeer and put in on the inner half of my lid. I used Venetian Red again on my lower waterline and also used it to blend vermeer for a more gradient effect on the lid. To finish, I worked Vermeer into the inner corner on my eye to brighten it up. Because the makeup is already bold, I decided not to wing my eyeliner and let the pink colors be the wing by themselves.

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