Sweet Peach Soft Cut Crease

Since I want to start using each of my palettes more often, I decided to choose one palette each week and post three different looks throughout the week using that palette. Since my Sweet Peach is a new love of mine, I used all my favorite shades for a soft, peachy cut crease!

Want swatches for this palette? Check out my post here: https://asprettyasapeach.com/2017/01/19/too-faced-sweet-peach-palette-and-glow-kit-swatches-and-review/



Photo from TooFaced.com

  • Starting out, I primed my eyes with my Urban Decay primer potion and set it using the shade Peaches ‘N Cream.
  • I used Georgia from my crease all the way up to my brow bone. It’s a white shade with a hint of peach and makes a great shade to help blend in other transition colors.
  • I used a big fluffy brush and blended Candied Peach all over my crease and blended upwards and outwards.
  • I grabbed just a little bit of Just Peachy and blended it in my very inner crease to lighten up the inner corner.
  • With a flat fluffy brush, I used Summer Yum to deepen the outer crease just a little bit without getting rid of the peachy color.
  • Using my Kat Von D Lock-It concealer and a concealer brush, I carved out where I wanted the cut to be. I strayed my brush with setting spray to make the color Luscious metallic and placed it all over my eyelid and into my inner corner.
  • With a small brush, I grabbed Just Peachy and put it under my bottom waterline for a good transition and I blended Candied Peach over top of it, and then Summer Yum on the outer corner. I used the highlighter from the Peach Glow Kit to highlight my brow bone. I grabbed some eyeliner and mascara and the eye look was done!




  • Check out some of my past makeup looks!

Sweet Peach Swatches 

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ABH Modern Renaissance Natural look

Graveyard Girl palette look

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