Kylie Royal Peach Palette | Everyday Peachy Eye


Okay, I am sooo happy with my Royal Peach Palette so far from Kylie Cosmetics! I wanted to put it to the test and honestly, I like the peachy looks from this palette better the the Sweet Peach right now! Check below and see how I did this Peachy eye using the Royal Peach Palette.

You can see my swatches of this palette here 



  • First, I went in with Sorbet (1st color top row) and put it all over my lid and up to my brow bone.
  • I started buffing Peachy (3rd color top row) into my crease and blended outwards and upwards. I also put this color on my bottom waterline.
  • With a thinner crease brush I put Crush (5th color bottom row) into my inner crease, creating an ombre of light to dark in my crease with the peachy shades.
  • I added some of cinnamon (last color bottom row) onto my outer v and into the outer edge of my crease to finish the gradient.
  • Then I put Seashell (2nd color top row) all over the lid and used some setting spray to wet the brush beforehand. This will make the color pop more, as it’s a more subtle shimmer. Wetting the brush first gives it more of a metallic finish.
  • Lips: Chihuahua from Too Faced.








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