Top Ten Items I Got For Christmas 2016

Alright, so Christmas as come and gone! Andddd I have been super sick, but wanted to do a fun Christmas post still! I decided to list below my top ten items I received for Christmas with some information on each item. Let me know it you got any of the same items and what your top items are!

You can also watch my full What I Got For Christmas video here 

Top Ten Items I Got For Christmas 2016

1. Diamond ring from my boyfriend!

So excited for this item! I wasn’t expecting it at all and it’s definitely my top item!


2. Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag!

I wasn’t expecting a Louis Vuitton at all, but have definitely wanted one!


3. Ipad!

So perfect for all my reading and Netflix.


4. Gray Bailey Button Uggs

I needed some new uggs and wanted to try a tall pair this time. Love these!


5. Nikes!- Black Roshes and the Lunar Epic Flyknits.

One pair came from my boyfriend and the other from my dad, and I love them both! The Roshes are practical and the flyknits came in such a cool color.


6. Erika Classic RayBans!

I needed some nice, polarized glasses sooooo badly!


7. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette!

Although it took so much time to get, I was so excited I was able to get my boyfriend to grab this for me!


8. Tons of Bath and Body Works products!

Need I say more?


9. Rachael Ray Cookware!

My mom got me started on some Rachael ray and I’m excited to continue with sets from this company for my kitchen!


10. Patagonia fleece!

I wanted a new jacket this year as well and love that this one is a pullover rather than a zip up! I think it’s adorable and my boyfriend got the same one!




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