Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette and Glow Kit | Swatches and Review

Okay, so the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette was originally released last Spring and it became way more popular than anyone expected it to. Inspired by the south, the eye palette quickly sold out and (finally) was re-released this December, along with a glow kit, blush, and many oil lip glosses. It was definitely a struggle to get these products- Too Faced was NOT prepared for all the orders and thousands of people did not receive the right product, a product at all, or did not receive them in time for Christmas. Luckily, after the struggle, I came out with my peach palette and my glow kit to swatch and review! I live in Georgia and obviously, hence my blog name, love peaches, so this was something I was both skeptical about but also awaited impatiently!

Sweet Peach Palette


Above is each color swatches in artificial lighting and in harsh, direct light. The review below will follow the colors from top to bottom in the photos above.

White Peach: Basic white matte highlighting shade. Not much to say about it!

Luscious: Luscious is a gorgeous shimmer shade with some champagne tones to it. It’s my favorite shimmer in the palette so far.

Just Peachy: This isn’t one I’ll use as often since it’s very pink, but I think this slightly shimmery color is gorgeous for an accent color!

Bless Her Heart: Bless her heart is a shimmery olive green color and I think it’s a cool color to add into this palette. I have green eyes and a color like this can make a nice eye look without going too crazy.

Tempting: Every palette has a black color that I’ll never use. Patchy as well!

Charmed, I’m sure: This matte cool toned brown is definitely pretty. I gravitate toward warmer colors, but this will definitely be a gorgeous crease color.

Nectar: Nectar is a yellow color, but it’s subtle and works really nicely as a highlight.

Cobbler: I love putting this one with caramelized for a soft and pretty brown look!

Candied Peach: Favorite color in the palette! I can’t stop using this as a crease transition shade. It’s sooo pretty and I wish the palette had more peach shades like this one!

Bellini: This one is very similar to luscious, but it a pink-toned shimmer. Very pretty and soft!

Peach Pit: This is a pretty color, but not right for my skin tone.

Delectable: This is a pretty purple as well, but I probably won’t get much use out of it!

Peaches N Cream: Another matte highlight I don’t care too much for!

Georgia: I love this as a base shade. It has a pretty hint of peach to it.

Caramelized:LOVE this shimmery brown shade! SOO pretty.

Puree: This is another pretty crease shade.

Summer Yum: I LOVE this warm-toned matte brown. It’s my favorite shade of brown to use and haven’t been disappointed at all with it.

Talk Derby To Me: This is a black-purple with glitter in it. It’s a bit patchy and I doubt I’ll use it too often.

It’s safe to say that overall, I do like this palette! There are a few shades I won’t use- there are too many highlight shades for me and I’m not a fan of the black or purples. However, the mid-section is perfect for me and I know I’ll get a lot of use from this palette! I definitely would recommend.

The Glow Kit


Above is the highlight, blush and bronzer in both artificial lighting and harsh, direct light. As you can tell with these, they’re not super pigmented. However, that’s not to say that they are bad! I actually like this glow kit when I am looking for a very natural look. For me, I have your classic “beige” skin when it comes to most foundations, so I am a bit fair. I honestly don’t think this kit would work for anyone will darker skin than myself, as it’s definitely only going to show up well on light skin. I don’t know if that’s on purpose, but the bronzer is extremely natural on myself and definitely won’t bronze anyone darker than me! The blush is pretty, but definitely needs to be builded quite a bit. The highlight is actually natural as well and looks really pretty when I don’t want to exaggerate my highlight as much. Overall, I wouldn’t re-purcahase the glow kit, but I will use it a lot in the spring to summertime.


Are you going to invest in the Sweet Peach collection?



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