Birchbox January Unboxing and Review

Alright, so Birchbox got my January box to me much quicker than they usually do. The is a $10 monthly beauty box that sends 5 samples per month. I’m going into this hoping they are starting the year with an awesome box! The theme this month is “Hello 2017”!

The card introduces the products saying “New year, new perspective. This month is all about making little changes, embracing the things you love, and products that makes you feel like the greatest version of your (already great) self.”

Let’s take a look at the products.

1. Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray. Now, this is an item I’d expect more in the spring or summer since winter isn’t known for humidity. It’s supposed block frizz and add texture. I will definitely use this product, but I probably won’t until Spring comes around and the humidity is up! The full size ranges from $22-39.

2. Klorane Dry Shampoo. The full size product is $20. I do love dry shampoo, so I never complain when I see them in my beauty boxes!

3. Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. This is a pen-style liquid liner, which I do tend to like a lot. The full size is $18 and I’ve actually received a liquid liner from this company before and enjoyed it! I am definitely happy with trying this out!

4. IPKN Moist & Firm Beauty Balm. I don’t love products like this as much to be honest, but I’m sure I’ll try it out over the summer when I’m traveling to and from the lake a lot! The full size is $35.

5. Pixi Glo Tonic To-Go. I received 2 of the glo tonic to-go pads, which is actually kind of cool since I’ve wanted to try the glo tonic before! It’s $18 for a full size, so this will actually be something nice to try to see if I want to purchase the actual product!


Overall, this month’s box was wayyyyy better than last month’s! I’m genuinely excited to try at least 3-4 of the 5 products that came in this $10 box. What did you think? Did you receive different products than me?


Last Month’s Review:



  1. I gotten a bunch of hair stuff since I subscribed in November and in my preferences chose not to receive hair products :/ alas Orbe happens to be a brand I love so I was happy w that but I am pretty picky ab hair products . Loved the liquid eyeliner and I chose the Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment so I am still happy w January box 🙂


  2. I just posted my review of January’s Birchbox as well! Your box is awesome! Two travel size hair products! I love the Pixie Glow Tonic but have yet to try the wipes. Great post! ❤️


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