Ipsy Unboxing | December 2016

Alright, so I know this is super late since it’s January now, but I’ve been super sick since Christmas, so this is my chance to finally get back on to do some posts! I received my Ipsy really late in the month, and still wanted to get my review up on this $10 beauty bag.


  1. Organ Oil of Morocco Hair Treatment. I wasn’t super excited just because I know I can only get one use out of this product. However, I do love using oils in my hair and will definitely use it.
  2. Nye eyeshadow. I don’t love getting eyeshadow singles just because I use palettes so much. However, when swatched, it’s definitely a pretty cranberry-purple color that I can get some use out of!
  3. MAKE moonlight primer. I actually do love getting primers to try, so this one will be different since I’ve never heard of it!
  4. Tarte Tarteist lip paint. I don’t love the color since it’s a dark lip gloss, but I love taste products! The other Tarte option this month was the Maracuja oil and I’m pretty sad I didn’t get the oil to be honest.
  5. Mica Beauty eyeshadow brush. I’m excited for this one! I love getting brushes to try and this is a super pretty angled brush that’s fluffy enough to be a great blender brush as well!

Overall, this bag is only $10 a month, so I always have to keep that in mind. :I’m not overly impressed, but I am excited for the eyeshadow brush and the primer. I think I thought it would be a really good bag since it was Christmas season, but for me, this was an average bag! Did you get Ipsy this month??


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