Tarte Pro To Go Palette | Swatches and Review

Now, Tarte is doing pretty amazing at releasing tons of new products that just speak to me right now. However, I can’t buy it all. They released a $53 pro palette that is totally gorgeous, but I decided that I didn’t need to get it right now since I have some palettes that really need more love right now. However, I couldn’t resist the mini pro to-go palette since it’s only $23. It arrived from Ulta pretty quickly and I decided to throw ins one swatches and a review of this mini palette!

Now not gonna lie, I thought, “isn’t this the perfect stocking stuffer?” when I saw this. It’s so little and really is “to go”, and can fit in any little pocket of my purse for my on the go makeup.

Now, in my review for this mini palette, I think it’s pretty good and I’m definitely going to use it on the go instead of toting big palettes around. The matte shades feel creamy, but they are super powdery. However, I think we learned from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette that powdery does not always mean it’s bad! They had good pigment and the shimmer shades apply pretty well (hype is the best to apply and blend for sure). Definitely tap the brush off the avoid all the fallout from these colors. I didn’t want to let powder ruin my experience, and I honestly think the pigment is pretty good and I like these shades just as much as my Tartelette in Bloom shades. Now, these shades aren’t necessarily original or something you can’t find in another Tarte palette. I have the in Bloom and the Graveyard Girl palettes and honestly, I can probably dupe at least 4 of the 5 to a similar shade, but I do appreciate having these pretty shades all together to give me the option of both a cool-toned look and a warm-toned look out of one mini palette.


Swatches listed go from top to bottom:

Drive: Drive is the top nude shade that almost blends in with my skin, but has just a little bit of a peachy undertone to it. It’s almost like a peachy-taupe in my eyes and it’s a gorgeous transition shade or base shade.

Stylin: Another matte shade. Online it looks like it has a bit of a red-tone to it, but swatches, it’s definitely more of a cool brown. This was the only one I found just a bit patchy.

Boss: Boss is a bronze. This is one of the colors that is meant to stand out in the palette and completes the look (Drive, Boss and Stylin are technically meant to go together). It’s pretty, but not as shimmery as the next shade in my opinion.

Hype: Now, I LOVE this gold color! It’s super shimmery and shows up really well. Easy to apply and was easily bendable.

Crisp: Crisp is described as a chestnut color and it’s definitely warm with orange tones to it. I absolutely love this as a crease shade and shades like this are always my favorite in a palette.

Dominate: This color is described as a “Shimmering Raspberry”. I think it’s a gorgeous shade when you’re going for those cranberry eyes. It’s my second favorite when it comes to the three different shimmer shades in the palette (Come on, Hype is the best for sure).


Overall, for $23, I like the palette! I’ll definitely get some use out of it and while it’s not my favorite one I’ve ever gotten, I do like it a lot and will definitely experiment to see how many looks I can get out of it!



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