Sephora Play! | December Unboxing and Review

I’ve been impatiently awaiting the arrival of my December Sephora Play!. So far so good with this service- I haven’t been disappointed yet. Sephora Play! is a $10.60 subscription that sends sample and deluxe sample items for you to try out each month. They only send brands sold in Sephora, you you always get high-end brands, which is a great deal. I hate buying high end products and then not liking them, so this service helps you try out these items first. 


Now the theme this month was “Take the Party with Me”, giving samples of products that are perfect for a night out like New Year’s Eve.


1. Makeup Forever Step 1 Primer. Now I actually have tried the Step 2 product, but haven’t used this before. Makeup Forever is a brand known for having good primers, so I’ll definitely get a few uses out of this to see if I want to spend $37 on a full size.

2. Sephora Red Always Red Lip Stain. As of what I could see, the full size is about $14 from Sephora. It’s definitely a mini, but I think I’ll be able to try it a few times. I love the red shade and haven’t used a cream lip stain in a long time, but I’m definitely up to trying it.

3. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara. This is a $30 mascara, so I’m definitely excited to have this mini to try out. The minis usually last me about a month, so it’s a great sample. A lot of people don’t like getting mascaras in their boxes since the same ones tend to come every time, but I’ve never used a Bobbi Brown mascara and love getting non-waterproof mascaras to my door!

4. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. Now the full size retails for $31 (although when this is posted, Ulta has it on sale for $18!!), so it’s an expensive setting spray to say the least. However, it’s one of the most raved-about setting sprays on the market. However, I have a hard time allowing myself to spend that much on a spray, so this is a perfect little travel sized spray to throw in my bag and try out! This is definitely my favorite product from the bag because I’ve spent a long time debating trying this out, and now I can do it without spending third bucks right away!

5. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo. Now, I actually am a hoarder of dry shampoos and use it all the time to give my hair some life and to keep oils out, so I never complain about receiving dry shampoos. Drybar is actually a big deal out in the LA area for blowouts, and the full size product is about $23 from Sephora. I personally don’t like to spend more than like $12 on a dry shampoo since I go through them so quickly, so it’s cool to get to try out a high-end one for just the price of the box!

6. Elizabeth and James Nirvana. This month’s perfume extra is the Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfume, which runs from $65-110 depending on the size you want. I love getting a perfume sample as an extra each month, since I get a few uses out of them and can throw them in my purse. It’s described as ” an addictive blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla that strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.”


So, the consensus on this month? Again, I’m impressed. This is only a $10.60 box each month and I know I will use each of the 5 sample products I received. I love that Sephora only sends out Sephora brands, so you know you’ll only be getting high-end products to try out. I’d love to see a full sized item thrown in there for fun one day, but I can’t say I’m disappointed with this month’s box at all!


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