DIY | 2 Fall to Winter Decor Projects

This is a DIY I was so excited to do! It’s super simple and easy, but such a good piece of decor for fall and winter! One side is a snowman, and one side is a scarecrow!

Snowman/Scarecrow Sign

What you need

4 pieces of wood, size of your choice

Paint (white, black, orange, yellow)

Paint brushes

Mod Podge (for a glossy finish)

Hot glue or nails

  • Starting out, you might want to hot glue or nail your pieces of wood together. This will make sure that it’s lined up on the front and back so you don’t have anything crooked on one side when you’re done!

Joy/Boo Sign

What you need:

Wood pieces 

Hot glue, wire, or nails (to keep them together)

Paint colors for fall and winter!

  • For the Joy/Boo sign, you can use any words you want! I had three pieces of wood wired together, so the best Fall/Winter words for me were these! You can do Joy/Boo, Fall/Snow, Autumn/Winter, etc!

    Simple and easy, but so cute to keep up through fall and winter!


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