Boxy charm November Unboxing | Studio Makeup Palette Review & Broken Product ?!

So, I actually skipped Boxycharm for a month or two simply because I don’t need it every month. I figured I would get it once in a while and on the boxes that are more hyped up to see if the products are really as excited as paid promoters say they are! This month’s box, which is 21 dollars, definitely gave me some mixed emotions. I’m also reviewing the SUPER HYPED UP Studio Makeup palette from this box at the end of the post!


1. Vintage Illuminating Face Highlighter in Rose Gold

Now, I think this product is alright. It’s a pretty (swatched next to the lipstick above), but it’s not my favorite ever. I think it will be pretty for summer. However, I don’t like how these boxes use the post office rather than USPS, as I might stop ordering simply because of broken products! There’s always tricks to fix, but I’m definitely not happy about this shattered product. It retails for $32, which honestly, I wouldn’t pay for it.

2. BellaPierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme 

This lipstick, which is $20, it a gorgeous dusty mauve color that I love. It’s definitely drying and a little chalky, so I wouldn’t wear it without chapstick underneath or lipgloss over top, but it’s no worse than Colourpop’s ultra mattes, which are super drying!

3. Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen

This product retails for $20, and I’ll definitely try it out. I like to try new eye products hopes that I can prevent wrinkles later, so this is a nice product to get. It’s supposed to prevent dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

4. Crown Brush C513 Pro Detail Crease

This brush retails for $12.99. Now, it’s not a brush I’ll use as often as if I got a fluffy crease brush of course, but I’m happy with this brush. It’s a detail crease brush, which I honestly would probably use it when creating a cut crease or to line the lower lash line.


5. Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette

This is a 50 dollar palette, which has been hyped up for sure. Although I didn’t review it on my blog, I did get the other Studio Makeup Palette that came in a box a few months ago. It was a really pretty one, and this one has been just as hyped up online. However, upon getting it, I saw that the colors were way more dull than photo’d on the Boxycharm website. If you look below, the colors from the website look vibrant and pigmented, but when I opened my palette, they looked a lot cooler and faded.

Upon swatching, I was not impressed in the least. However, sometimes swatches don’t tell you how the eyeshadows will wear on the eye. As you can see below in both natural and artificial lighting, the swatches are chalky, patchy, and not too pigmented. My favorite color in the palette is definitely the second eyeshadow down on the first row, yet it doesn’t even come off like an eyeshadow- it’s chunky like the glitter but still doesn’t have much pigment. I’ll definitely try to play with this palette a little more, but upon putting these on my eye, I barely looked like I had any eyeshadow on after putting on five of the nine colors, and they were definitely patchy and not blendable for me.

For me personally, this box was not nearly as worth it as previous ones I have had. It was way hyped up because of the palette coming in it, yet I honestly am not too happy with the palette at all!


What do you think of this month’s Boxycharm?


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