Sephora Play! November Unboxing

After a really good first month of Sephora Play!, I was totally excited to see what my November bag would have for me. I’ve used a lot of different subscription services and love some, but grew disappointed with others. With Birchbox and Ipsy both being 10 dollars per month, I switched to try Sephora Play! for the same price. Here’s what November brought me:

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laura mercier.jpg

  1. The Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rose Gold. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this since I’m not a huge fan of stick eyeshadows. It’s a pretty color. Honestly, I don’t see it as a rose gold as much as a really pale gold. I do like it and it’s a great amount of product, but it might find it’s way to someone else if I don’t get enough use out of it! cover fx.jpg
  2. Cover FX Illuminating Primer. This is one that I’m excited to try! It’s small, but I could get at least five uses out of it since I won’t use it on my entire face. I love trying out primers and I like that this one is one that is supposed to add a great glow to your face.sephora
  3. Estes Lauder “Dissolve the Drama” Makeup Remover. I’m actually pretty happy with this one, too. I haven’t had an oil-based makeup remover in a long time and I love using them on my eye makeup. It’s a decent sample as well, which should last for at least a month.glamglow
  4. Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment. Glam Glow is soon expensive but also sooo hyped up. I don’t trust the paid promotions of famous people, so I’m glad to try this out and see if it’s worth the money for myself! I’ll probably only get one full use out of it, but it should definitely let me know if I want to spend a lot of money getting a full sized product from them. perfume
  5. Stella McCartney POP. This is technically an “extra” for the bag. Every month, they send a perfume sample, which is awesome. I love perfume, but won’t spend money on an expensive perfume if I haven’t tried it, but I also am not always out at perfume counters testing. I love the scent of this one- it’s girly and woodsy with a sandalwood base. I could actually see myself purchasing it.sephora-lip
  6. Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gel. I would probably love this in another color, but “Pin Up Pink” is definitely not right for me. It’s a nice, non sticky formula. However, I won’t get any use out of a bright pink shade.

Overall, this is a pretty decent bag this month. Not as good as last month’s, but I’m still happy with this bag for sure! If you haven’t signed up for Sephora Play!, it’s only 10 a month and you’ll get 5 samples of items sold in their stores. Hurry and sign up, subscriptions fill up fast every month!


Last Month’s unboxing:


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