DIY | 2 Sided Fall Signs

I’ve been really big lately on making DIY things that I can flip over to use for another purpose. This one I decided to make 2 decor options for Fall- one for Halloween time, and one for Thanksgiving!

What you need

Wood Sign (Any kind, Glue pieces together, use one big square piece, etc)

Paint and paint brushes


Mod lodge (for glossy finish)


For the first one, I used a pencil to create an acorn shape. I wanted to make it a little rustic, so I used a dark yellow and dark brown, but mixed the color with white so it had multiple shadings. I also made it patchy so the beige underneath could show through.

*Tip: If you’re not good at making the rustic look, use small amounts of vaseline wherever you don’t want paint! Wipe it off when you’re done painting and you’ll have a patchy, vintage feel to your painting*

When the acorn dried, I used a stencil to create “Give Thanks” across my acorn, and now I have the perfect sign for Thanksgiving!


For this side, I followed a similar process to create something different. I made a pumpkin shape and painted the pumpkin and the background. While the paint was wet, I used a gold over the tan paint and an orange glitter over the pumpkin.

Once this was all dry, I just used a stencil and created the saying “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice.” Perfect to change up your decor from October to November!


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