Super Easy Banana Pudding Recipe



This is seriously my favorite dessert slash breakfast right now. I think it’s something I’ll be making all the time, and it’s sooooo easy!

What you’ll need:

Some sort of pan for it all (I used a foil pan)

6 to 8 bananas, ripe.

1 pack of 8 oz cream cheese

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

2 bags of vanilla wafers

2 cups of milk

1 pack of instant vanilla pudding



Now, you’ll need two separate bowls to get everything started.

Combine the milk and the pudding mix and mix together until they’re seamless. In a separate bowl, you’ll want to mix the sweetened condensed milk and cream cheese together until fully mixed as well.

In your pan, lay down the first box of vanilla wafers. I line mine up pretty well so it looks pretty, but you can honestly just pour them out and throw your banana slices over top!


Combine the two liquid mixtures and mix them together. Then, pour it all over your vanilla wafers and bananas, covering them all as much as possible. IMG_3732IMG_3731

Once you have the mixture on top, place the wafers from your second bag over top of it all. Throw it all in the fridge and eat whenever you’re ready! Warning: Once you start eating it, you won’t be able to stop!


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