Pink Cut-Crease | Anastasia Modern Renaissance



For this look, I wanted something that was wearable, but definitely more of a statement! Watch the video and check below for all details!

After priming my lids, I went in with Venetian Red in and crease and blended it upwards to a fade, followed by Love Letter in the deeper part of my crease and outer lid. I went in with Antique Bronze, which is a nice lilac-looking shade, and used that to soften up the harsh lines, and then used Tempera on my brow bone and to soften the look a little more.

To cut my crease, I used my LA Girl Concealer because it’s super easy! You can use a makeup brush for this and a primer, but I like the brush on this concealer and find that it lets me make a perfect line. I create a crease and wing it outwards. Then I set it with Tempera so I have a super white crease to work with!


After that, I use a setting spray to wet my brush and go in with Primavera and Vermeer. Primavera has a nice champagne tone, but Vermeer will add that metallic white I also wanted to make the look a little bit more bold! Wetting the brush makes the shadows more metallic on the lid. I then used a Wet N Wild Glitter in silver to highlight my inner corner! I also Added Love letter on my lower lash line.


Lastly, I did some winged eyeliner with my Wet N Wild liner and added some falsies and mascara!





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