Anti-Haul | Beauty Collab Products I Won’t Be Buying

Now, Anti-Haul’s have become super popular lately, giving some of us makeup/beauty addicts a peace of mind on products that we totally want in our collections, but don’t truly need. Today I have 5 hyped-up beauty guru makeup collaborations that I actually won’t be purchasing. (and why).

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1. Makeup Geek X Manny MUA Palette- $45

Now, as you can tell by the photo, this palette is gorgeous. And it’s made by Makeup Geek, which is really a great brand. However, it retails for 45 dollars. Being devil’s advocate, I understand that 45 dollars for 9 shadows is a deal for Makeup Geek, as individually, shadows are between 6-10 dollars depending on the type. However, as beautiful as the palette is, I know I have shadows that are similar, and I know I wouldn’t use all 9 shadows often enough. Certain colors can be bought separately, such as cosmopolitan, beaches & cream, frappe, and I believe insomnia can be bought as a loose pigment. Now, if you would use each color, it’s worth it. But for me, the only ones I can see myself using all the time for a long period of time are Frappe, Sora, and maybe Luna, as I have dupes for the red-toned colors already. For me, it’s a palette I want, but right now, I will not be purchasing.


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2. Violet Voss X Laura Lee Palette- $45

This palette is one that until recently, I was obsessed with and wanted sooooooo badly. I pulled it up on my phone daily and debating making the purchase. For one, I think it’s sold out again, so it would be hard to purchase it when I’m writing this unless they restock again, but it didn’t take selling out to make me change my mind on Laura Lee’s palette! I think she’s awesome and love that there’s a country girl killing it in the beauty industry. The orange and peach toned shadows in her palette look amazing, but after purchasing myself a Morphe 350, I realized that I already own a large portion of these shadows in dupes by Morphe. The shadows I don’t have dupes for and absolutely love are Fleecy, Fried and Smashlee, but I can’t justify 45 dollars plus shipping for only three shadows! I love collecting palettes, so it kills me, but I know that I don’t currently need this pretty palette.


Photo from Too Faced.

3. Too Faced X Nikkie Tutorials Collection- $56

This is a hard one. Although I don’t actively follow Nikkie Tutorials, I think this is a cool collection. It’s 56 dollars, which is crazy, but you get a lot. Inside is 9 eyeshadows, 2 love flush blushes, a chocolate soleil bronzer and the champagne truffle highlighter, along with mini versions of a purple better than sex mascara, glitter dust, and a shadow insurance. Lastly, you get a black felt liner from them. This is a lot of product, which I think it amazing. That being said, I don’t personally like the shadow shades for me. I’m not into super white or pink, purple or green. Although I’d use the liner and the blushes and the bronzers, I know I wouldn’t use those shadows. So I need to save my Too Faced money for the Sweet Peach collection.


Photo from

4. Kathleen Lights X Makeup Geek Highlighting Palette- $39

Ugh, this is a hard one. While I love Kathleen Lights and would love to support her products, I just can’t buy this highlighting palette. For 39 dollars, you get three highlights, which isn’t too much different than brands like Anastasia giving you 4 highlighters for 40 dollars. So the price point I can deal with. However, I already have the Jaclyn Hill X Becca highlighting palette and Anastasia’s sun-dipped palette. Between the two, I already have exact dupes of the copper, gold and pink shades from this palette, so I can pretty easily take a pass on this.


Photo from Pur Cosmetics.

5. Pur Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2 Palette- $39

Alright, lastly, I won’t be hauling the Pur Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2 Palette. While I do think the palette is cool by coming with mascara, lip liner and a lip gloss, I just know that I don’t need these shadows. Pretty much every Tarte palette has dupes for these. Although the price isn’t too bad, it’s not worth it for me to buy something I don’t find too original!


What will you NOT be buying?


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