Glossy Box August Unboxing | Too Faced, Trifle, & More


It’s here….. Before taking an extended break from Glossy Box to further explore some other subscription boxes, I did get the August box. Check below to see the products I got and see how the price of the products compares to the $21 box!


Get YOUR Glossybox here:


1. Deluxe Wella Professional Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil- Full-Size $20

(Buy it here

This first product is kinda cool. I use a lot of different oils on my hair already, so the odds of me purchasing it myself are low. However, I’m sure I’ll use it all up on my hair along with my other blends of hair oils. This is a deluxe size, so it’s likely closer to 10 dollars in value.


2. DeBruyere After Sun Lotion Deluxe- Full size $12


This is another deluxe sample rather than a full size I believe… because I know this was a full size of an after-sun body lotion, I’d be running out of it real quick. Ofcourse I love my basic SunBum or Aloe Vera, but I’ll definitely try this product out.

3. Deluxe Fango Brilliante Face Mask

(Buy here

I don’t need any more face masks, but I do love them, so I can’t complain about getting to to try this one out.


4. Deluxe Too Faced Melt Off- Full Size $17

(Grab it here

I already have this product, but I don’t mind getting a mini version to take with me when I spend the night outside of my home. I don’t think it’s all that special though- a blend of oils you put on your eye just like regular oil-based removers…And for me, it works, but it doesn’t take off all my mascara to be honest. Don’t even get me started on when the mascara is waterproof!


5. Invisibobble- 3 rings for $8

(purchase here

Although I can completely afford these myself, I actually am excited for them! You get three hair rings that are meant to be traceless, no-pull, and good to your hair. I actually was wanting some of these, so I can’t complain!


6. Trifle Cosmetics Lipstick- $19

Although I am sooo excited about the cute packaging, I got the lipstick that doesn’t suit my skin tone! There were two you could have gotten- exotic fruits or guilty pug. Which is adorable, as the packing on the lipstick matches the name of the color! I got exotic fruits, which is so nude that it’s even lighter than my pale lips, so it just washes me out sadly. Guilty Pug would have been a much better nudey color for me, but I am a little obsessed with the packing and might have to grab a few of these cocoa-butter-infused lippies for myself later on!


I definitely got around 80 dollars worth of product in this 21 dollar box. While I am not in love with all the products, it’s not a bad last box to go out on while I take a break from this subscription service!


As part of a deal Glossybox was doing on getting extra products, I included the extra box below I purchased!


Finally, here’s the third of the three Glossyboxes I was able to get this month! Hope y’all enjoy seeing my products, hearing my opinions, and seeing how the price of the products compares to the box!IMG_3998

First off is an eyebrow pencil/highlighter that I already have and love! The swatches aren’t that great on camera, but the taupe color is so universal to any hair color and skin tone. Retailing for 20 dollars, it’s made by Studio 10, and although it’s inconvenient to have to sharpen it, I do love that it’s double ended incase I ever forget a brow highlight. IMG_3999

This nail polish is by Leighton Denny, in the color pillow talk, and is 19 dollars. It’s definitely a pretty berry color that’s nice to have gotten right before fall!

The next product is the Unani face mask. This definitely will get tons of uses and it’s a clear peel mask that retails for 18 dollars, which makes it a decent amount of product for the price. I don’t need more masks for my collection, but I do love to try new ones.


Next is a mini perfume by Norell. The full size retails for 150 dollars for a 3.4 ounce bottle. I think this one is literally like .25 ML, but it comes in a gorgeous little decorative bottle! It honestly is a bit of a grandma scent for me, but it’ll look great as decor with my makeup!

The last product retails for 72 dollars full size. It’s a little mini Biossance “The Nourisher” rose face oil. I’m not big on putting any oils except tea tree on my oily skin, but I’ll definitely be trying when my skin gets little dryer in the winter time!

In all, the full sized products add up to about 60 dollars, plus two mini products. So, I got at LEAST 60 dollars worth of stuff in a 21 dollar box. Now, I’m only really excited to get the eyebrow pencil to be honest. What do you think of the box?


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