Lip Monthly Unboxing

This is definitely a lesser-known beauty subscription, but I’ve been looking to try new ones lately to get a better variety of products. Now, I’m not a monthly subscriber to this box and I’m not a huge fan based on this bag, which is $12.95 a month.


What’s up with Manna Kadar? I got a shadow from this brand recently in a Birchbox and honestly, I won’t use it. And I won’t use this lipstick either, sadly. It’s apparently a priming wand, and the swatch matches the first one pictured below, which is way too barbie for my skin tone. It doesn’t say the color it is, but I don’t know the point of a colored lip primer… and it retails for $48!

Next is the Lord and Berry lip liner in Romantic Rose, which matches the second swatch photo’d below. I’ll use this for sure, and it retails for $19. I’d never pay that much for a lip liner, but I’ll get some use out of this one.

The third swatch above represents the Hikari Dual Color Stick in Tawny, which is said to be for the lips and cheeks. Way too metallic for my lips I think, but I could see it being a highlight- likely only when I have a tan. These are $15.

The last swatch up there is my Seraphina Botanicals Vegan Berry Tint. This is for cheeks and lips and retails for $18. I won’t use it on my cheeks, but it’s not a bad lip color for more or a Spring/Summer look. I’ll give it a try.


Overall, I can say the quality of the bag in good considering for $12.95, all products are full size and are all fairly expensive items. However, I do wish you could give some preferences on colors, as some of these will be hard to work with for me.


Will you be subscribing to Lip Monthly?


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