Biggest Ipsy FAIL | August Ipsy Unboxing


My August Ipsy bag has arrived, and it’s a really cool looking bag that Michele Phan apparently designed herself. This subscription beauty service is $10 a month to receive a variety of deluxe and sample size products, and every once in a while, something full-size may come too. It’s always hit or miss for me. I was excited for this month’s…However, it was a HUGE FAIL (not Ipsy’s fault necessarily) on what I found inside. 



Alright, I’m just gonna start right out with the problem. And that is that TWO products came damaged! First is a deluxe Beaute Basics 3 Tone Bronzer. I wasn’t able to find the full-size retail price online, but the brand seemed a bit pricey. And the shimmery bronzer is actually gorgeous, yet shattered. My second damaged product is a deluxe Tarte Lip Creme. The full size of this goes for something like 24 dollars, and the creme smells amazing and wears amazing on the lips. Yet mine came melted and smeared all over the inside of the bad even though the lid never even came off. Now, these are both packaging errors from Ipsy as well as errors in the postal service. Ipsy is going to take care of the problem, but it does suck to have a problem int he first place with the two products I was most excited for!IMG_4152

Next I got a deluxe sample of a blowout creme by Madame CJ Walker. The full size is 26 dollars. I wasn’t as excited for this, but will try it out. The product that I actually am happy with is the Beau Gachis blender sponge! A two-pack retails for 23 dollars and this thing feels better than the well-loved Real Techniques sponge, so it may be a great dupe for the beauty blender. Best part? You’ll get two for the price of one Beauty Blender. Fingers crossed!IMG_4153

Lastly is the Jelly Pong Pong Neapolitan Palette. It has three shimmer shades and although they are pretty, I know I have too many other products I love, so I won’t use them. I didn’t even want to swatch them, because this palette will definitely be more well loved by a family member or friend than by me! It retails $17.95.


So I think for me, this is the BIGGEST IPSY FAIL EVER! I actually would have been pretty excited about 3 of the 5 products, but two of those came either shattered or melted away. Lets hope for a better last chance for Ipsy next month!

Will you be buying?


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