Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette Worth The Hype? | Swatches & Makeup Look


Alright, so having owned some brow products by Anastasia before, I never really dove into their other products. However, there’s been such as obsession with the new Modern Renaissance palette and the new Sun Dipped Glow Kit lately that I figured I’d invest in them and give out some swatches and a review to help anyone else see if they want to make the investment into these products!


I was so excited for this palette after going back and forth about trying it. I actually ended up using it for the look I did for the Dixie Chicks Atlanta concert, shown above. I believe you can purchase most of these shades separately if you only wanted a few of them. Eyeshadow singles cost 12 dollars, so this palette is obviously a better deal when you get 14 shades for 42 dollars! Now, into the swatches… Scroll to the end for the review!

This is the top row swatches. The first photo is in indirect sunlight, where it shows a hasher color. The second two are angles in direct sunlight, showing the true color of the products. From top to Bottom:

Tempera: This is the basic white-cream base/highlight color that comes in every palette. Although I hate getting colors that every palette features, Tempera is actually little different. It has a tiny bit of shimmer to it and is a super pigmented off-white cream color.

Golden Ochre: This one is honestly so cool. It’s probably my second favorite top row color right now just because it’s such a unique looking color that I don’t have in my other palettes right now. It’s a pretty matte tan color with a really cool dirty-yellow tinge to it that is perfect to blend into the crease!

Vermeer: This is one of the less exciting colors for me. Shimmery and light-pinky-white, it’s pretty for an inner corner highlight or a brow highlight, but it’s too light for me to use on my lids. It’s one that’s a little underwhelming for me and the least favorite top row color!

Buon Fresco: OMG. Tell me you see that gorgeous lilac color? This is my favorite top row color and it will be in the crease all the time. It’s such a cool looking lilac matte color that I don’t have in any other palette!

Antique Bronze: This is another shimmery color. It’s a purple-y shimmer that I actually like wayyyyy better than the purples in the Swamp Queen palette!

Love Letter: This is a serious hot pink-purple color that actually doesn’t look too crazy like I thought it would. It’s matte and actually really wearable.

Cyprus Umber: Just your basic cool-tones matte brown. I like warmer colors better, but this is a really pretty color to use with the other colors in this palette.


Now, for the bottom row. Again, the first photo is in indirect, harsh sunlight. The second two are angle in direct sunlight, showing the more flattering tones. For the overall review, scroll to the bottom!

Raw Sienna: Ugh. So in love. This is such a BEAUTIFUL matte golden-brown color. It’s one of the colors that sold this palette for me.

Burnt Orange: Another color I knew I needed. This is a matte burnt orange (obviously), but it isn’t too bold. It’s a perfect color to blend in the crease and I will definitely be using it all the time.

Primavera: This color is actually really nice. It’s one of the few shimmers in the palette and is a really pretty champagne-gold.

Red Ochre: This color is sooooo cool. I always hear how it’s hard to formulate a nice matte red color, and this is a true brick-red. Yes, it has a lot of kick-up, but this is honestly such a great and pigmented color, so I’m not mad at it.

Venetian Red: This is kind of a slightly shimmery version of love letter. They’re very similar in tone, yet this one has slight glitters in it and is equally as pretty. However- I could have done with a different color instead of two that are super similar.

Warm Taupe: This really is just a matte, warm taupe. A little cool-toned for me, but definitely a beautiful base and blending color!

Realgar: Lets be honest, I just wanted this color. It’s such a cool matte orange color! I’m loving oranges for the upcoming fall looks I’m trying, so this color is one of my favorite!


The Review.

Overall, for me, this palette is worth the 42 dollars spent. However, if you find that you’ll only use three or four colors, I’d say to purchase the colors individually, as I believe you can get most of them as singles as well. While the colors are powdery and have a lot of kick-up, that doesn’t mean they’re bad at all! They are definitely pigmented and blendable and there were only three colors I figured I wouldn’t use too much. I think this palette definitely gets a thumbs up and will be a staple in my collection!

Will you be buying?



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