Color Pop Ultra Glossy Lips | Swatches and Review

Not gonna lie, I kind of freaked out when I knew these were happening via Snapchat. Upon the arrival of 21 shades, I made the initial purchase of 4- WeHo, Master Plan, Finder’s Keepers, and Tight Fit. In this review, you’ll find my swatches of the products with heir description from the website compared to how they are in real life. Seeing real life lip and hand swatches are sooooo important to see what the color will really look like upon purchasing.IMG_3748

Left to right on the hand: Master Plan, Finder’s Keepers, Tight Fit. WeHo.


Lip swatch: Finder’s Keepers.

Description: Remember losers weepers, so be a winner in this mid- tone mauve pink in a Crème finish

I do like the creme finish, although I did expect a little more pigment, but that’s because I bought these off of looking at hand swatches. Lips will always look different! It’s pretty, but definitely a little light pink for me and my skin tone isn’t even dark. However, I do like it for going over a matte lippie. It looks nothing like the colourpop picture on me!


Lip Swatch: WeHo.

Description: No youho in this creamy beige in a Crème finish

Now, this one looks nothing like their picture on me either. I know it’s supposed to be more beige, but for me it’s a super natural, almost peach undertoned nude. Again, love the creme finish, love the lipgloss, but still wish there was little more pigment.



Lip Swatch: Master Plan.


Description: Rule the world and feel devious in this mid- tone dusty plum in a Crème finish

Yet again, the picture on the site looks nothing like it does on me. Unless I layer to the point of it wanting to fall off my lips, I just won’t get that crazy pigment unless I wear a darker lipliner underneath. I’m totally fine with that and LOVE the gloss, but I’m surprised it wasn’t more pigmented for looking like it was going to be so dark!IMG_3813

Lip Swatch: Tight Fit.

Description: You might want to take it slow if this is your first light peachy pink with highlights of pink, silver and gold shimmer in a Metallic finish

This is the only one I find looking like the colourpop photo. I was a bit scared of it being metallic, but I think it’ll be a staple shade to put over ultra matte lippies like Chi or Beeper!


The Consensus.

Overall, I can’t complain. For the 6 dollar price point, Colourpop does me right more than they do me wrong for sure. I do hope for more natural pigment in the future, but the creme glosses definitely feel buttery and NOT STICKY! And the metallic one will be great for layering over lipsticks. These will definitely have a spot in my purse.



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