Glossy Box Special Unboxing & Review | One of Three


So, Glossybox had a special recently where with the code COOLOFF, where you could get not one but three boxes this month for the price of one! So, I figured why not? I’m breaking down the three boxes into three separate posts, and this happens to be the first one I unboxed!IMG_3990

This box was a little underwhelming for me, but considering I got three boxes for 21 dollars, I’m not going to complain, but just pass on the items I won’t use to family and friends.

First off, you’ll see a sample of the Sebastian dark oil. This seems to be just an added sample to the box.

The next product is the Sinful Colors and Kylie Jenner collab nail polish in Koral Riff. This only retails for $3, so I wasn’t crazy excited, but it’s definitely a pretty color for summer/spring.

After that is an LA Splash red lip gloss. These retail for $19. I actually do like this. It’s super pigmented for a gloss and I’ll definitely get some use out of it since I can never find red glosses that are actually pigmented like a lip stick.


Next is the Caolin o2 bubble mask and original mask duo. These retail for 31 dollars in a full size and I was actually really excited to give these a try! Bubble masks have become really popular lately (if you don’t know what they are- you put it on like a face mask, let it bubble, and pop the bubbles before washing the mask off). They’re apparently super popular among asian skin care. IMG_3992

Next is a deluxe Sebastian whipped creme, which is basically a mousse. The full size is 20 bucks and I think this is just enough product to get a few uses and decide if you like it before making the big purchase. I’ll probably pass this on to my mom since I have long, fine hair that has no need for a whipped hair product. But she’ll love it!

Getting toward the end, the next product is the Icona Milano mascara, which retails at 19 dollars. I’m definitely not one to get into the twenty dollar range for mascaras unless it’s the roller lash or better than sex, but I love trying mascaras, so I ain’t mad at this.

Now, lastly, I got two Tan Towels. These cost 27 dollars for 10! Which I guess most tanning companies would say these would last ten week with ten towels, but lets be honest, a fake tan only lasts like three days on me. However, when I get longer periods between real tanning, these will be handy to keep a little color in the meantime!

Alright, now Glossybox costs 21 dollars per month. Out of the full sized items I got (mascara, gloss, and polish), that’s about 43 dollars in general. The other products are samples or travel sized, so it’s hard to put a price on them, but I definitely got over 50 dollars worth of product in the box. It’s not the best I’ve gotten in a Glossybox, but it’s not bad, either.

Will you be buying?



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