Grav3yardGirl Swamp Queen Palette | Swatches and Go-To Look

Much anticipated, it’s here! Not gonna lie, I wasn’t even going to purchase this palette at all. But considering I love supporting Bunny, I decided to bite the bullet and order it the day it went online at Ulta. So, here’s some swatches and my review on the palette.

Overall, I am so happy with this palette and the looks I’ve been able to create. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of Tarte eyeshadows until now. The photos above feature two different looks I create with this palette, one featuring the Dogman as the staple color and one going with Firecracker as the stand-out. Let me know in the comments if you want to see some tutorials on the different looks that can be done with this palette! Now, swatches!


Referring to the full arm picture, swatches from Bottom to Top:


Sweet Tea: This is the bronzer in the palette. Not gonna lie, I loved it right away. It has some gold glitters in it, which a lot of people won’t like, but I find that I can still contour with it. It’s definitely a warm tone, and I think it’s gorgeous. My african-american friend can use it as a bronzer and so can I, so it’s versatile.

Does This Thing Really Work?: The next swatch is the blush. It has some gold shimmer too. While I’m not a huge blush fan and won’t use this every day, it can compliment a lot of people.

Gator Wings: Officially my all time favorite highlighter. I’m telling you- between Dogman and Gator Wings, I’d pay the whole palette price just to have the two. This highlighter has some major shimmer and is definitely an icy tone. I’m absolutely obsessed with it for the cheekbones, brow bones, and especially the cupid’s bow. Tarte- please come out with a fun size and make it permanent!

#SFS: This eyeshadow is a bit of a champagne color. It’s shimmery and while I can’t layer it over the matte shades, it’s subtle and pretty by itself for anyone who doesn’t want crazy metallic shine.

Natural Peaches: Beautiful transition color. You can see in the swatch that it blends really well into my skin, but you can still see a little bit of a peachy tone in there. I use this to transition all my warm tones eyeshadows now.

Dogman: OMG. Obsession. It’s real. This is my new staple crease color. I love it to warm up any look on my eyes, whether the look is natural or smokey. Burnt orange is honestly the most underrated eye color- it looks amazing on anyone.

Big Baby: Doesn’t show up too well on swatches. But that makes sense- it’s a basic white color that people use as a base. Nothing special in my opinion.

Sassy Bun: This shimmer is ten times better than #SFS in my opinion. Gorgeous gold. you can layer it to a more metallic look, but can also be very subtle on it own.

Sippy Sippy: I’m ashamed to say I haven’t used this color too much, but I love it! Tip: Pack it on! It’s brown with gold glitter, but you need to pack it to keep that glitter from falling right out.

Haunting: I love the name, and love the color. I’m looking forward to experimenting with purples, and this is a really pretty base or transition color. It’s light enough that it looks more lavender and purple, so it won’t be scary for anyone to work with.

Uncommon: I definitely agree that the color is uncommon. It’s a gorgeous shimmery purple that almost looks to have a gray undertone. It shows up beautifully on the eyes and blends well.

Mancat: Super pigmented matte color. It looks great, almost similar to The Balm’s Meet Matte(trimony)’s purple color. You could dupe this color for sure if you didn’t wanna buy the whole palette.


So overal, my review on this product is that for me, it’s way worth the money. I love uncommon and sassy bun, but honestly, I couldn’t live without dogman and gator wings at this point. While some colors have a powdery fallout, that doesn’t always mean they are bad colors! We think it automatically means they’re bad, but some shadows that seem super powdery have been super buildable for me! I’ll definitely get use of almost all the shadows in this palette and I might cry the day I run out of Gator Wings.

Tarte will be seeing me much more often to experiment with some products.







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