Easy, Healthy Lentil Soup Recipe


Yum! This recipe is super easy and healthy for anyone!

You’ll Need:

Vegetable Broth (full container)

A bag of lentils of your choice (I had 12 oz of mixed lentils)

A cup or so of spinach

A can of fire roasted tomatoes

Salt and Pepper for taste

Lime for zest

TBSP Lime juice (I used more of this too)

chopped onion (I used a large red onion)

Any other veggies you want, like potatoes or carrots!



All you need to do is combine everything but the spinach in a pot and cook on low for 2 hours. You can add or take away anything for a taste that will suit you and how you like it! I added my spinach about 5 minuted before I stopped cooking. For me, it has a very vegetable-soup-like taste, which I like, especially since it’s not bad for you at all!



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