Becca X JaclynHill Palette | Swatches & Review


I’m serious, I wasn’t going to buy this….. But here’s the swatches and review on my splurge!


Here’s the palette when you open it up and look inside. The mirror is great and looking at those highlighters… I thought I’d never find anything better.



On Top: Champagne Pop.

Now, everyone has been obsessed with Champagne Pop ever since it launched. I like the highlighter, but it’s actually not my favorite. I’ve had to experiment with different brushes to get it to really show up on my skin at all.


On Bottom: Persecco Pop

I actually like the color of Persecco better than Champagne Pop if we’re being honest. I think the golden tone shows up better than the other highlighter. Again, I had to experiment with a lot of brushes before I found out what would apply the highlighter the best.


On Top: Rose Spritz

This blush is actually really pretty. It’s shimmery and could double as a highlight. It’s perfect for summer and spring and I’ll definitely use it on more natural, summery looks.

Amaretto: This one is darker and can almost be a bit of a contour on my daringly lighter days. I think it’s a pretty natural, matte blush that I’m not disappointed in.

Pamplemousse: To be honest, this reminds me of something my mema would wear. It’s a bit old-lady-ish for me. Maybe with a SUPER light hand, it can apply to be pretty, but I don’t see myself EVER digging in to this color.


Overall, I kind of wish I didn’t buy this palette. I LOVE Jaclyn Hill and support her ventures, but 52 dollars is a bit much for a product that is nice, but just isn’t ever going to be my favorite thing to reach for. The highlighters are nice for more natural days, and the Rose Spritz is a dupe for Coralista in my opinion. The packaging if absolutely gorgeous, but I’ve had better palettes. However, I think no less of Jaclyn Hill. She created beautiful colors and I can’t wait to support her future makeup ventures.



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